Call of Duty Mobile Sensitivity Setting For Less Recoil

call of duty mobile sensitivity setting low recoil

Call of Duty Mobile Sensitivity Setting.


Call of Duty Mobile – Best Sensitivity Settings.
Best Sensitivity settings help players to Aim target properly with zero recoil. Call of Duty Mobile's best Sensitivity setting will definitely increase your kills and provide Major damage to the enemy. The Call of Duty Mobile Sensitivity settings mentioned below are proved to be quite efficient, and may help you to aim better to the target.

Multiplayer Mode Sensitivity
Turn Sensitivity = 44-46%
ADS sensitivity = 40-42%
Sniper Rifle Sensitivity = 30%

Battle Royale Mode Sensitivity
FPP View = 43-46%
Optics = 39-40%
Firing = 34-36%
3x Scope = 30%
4x Scope = 20%
TPP View = 45%
Sniper Rifle Sensitivity = 34%

Camera Sensitivity:
Camera Sensitivity plays a vital role, as it affects the camera angle movement in both TPP and FPP when players are moving around.
FPP View = 74-80%
Optics = 95-100%
Tactical Scope Sensitivity = 60%
3x Scope = 56-60%
4x Scope = 48%
TPP View = 86-91%
Sniper Rifle Sensitivity = 46-51%

Gyroscope Sensitivity Setting for Battle Royale:
The Game also provides users to enable Gyroscope which identifies the Screen orientation and is available in many smart phones.
FPP View = 72-76%
Optics = 33-40%
3x Scope = 30%
4x Scope = 22-27%
TPP View = 94%
Sniper Rifle Sensitivity = 25-29%
8x Scope = 9-11%

These sensitivity settings are best, still some like more high sensitivity. Sensitivity settings are subjective and may go beyond the range depending on player choice. Instead, they should adjust sensitivity settings on their own comfort to get the best Sensitivity setting for them to increase the kill and aim the target properly with zero recoil.

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